“Too pooped to pop !!”

“Too tired to walk” and/or other trite expressions. Continually, I’m tired because a good night’s sleep eludes me. Yesterday morning, I was up at four because wide awake (and no sense that I’d go back to sleep). Exhausted, and sleepy,  I went to bed at 8:45 last night. However, in bed, no longer sleepy and awhile before I went to sleep. Wide awake at 11:11 and up for water and bathroom. Long time getting back to sleep and then awake at 12:50. Brief sleep and “up” two more times. Then wide, wide awake at exactly 7:00 (so I can watch the Today show on NBC). I’ve tried various sleep aids (ZzzQuil, etc.) and they are not beneficial. I refuse to take prescription drugs. (That’s my sob story and I’m sticking to it [lol].) Furthermore, to set the record straight, I don’t “watch” the Today show; I “listen” while I create blog messages or manipulate information on Ancestry.com.

I’m grateful to Jeff Rossen for valuable (Today) information. He explained how to stop Google tracking our activity (and I followed his instructions). Remember, I recently searched for solutions to my computer problems? Since then, a dozen (or more) “pop up” ads (every day) from companies trying to sell computer repair software programs. That’s why McAfee found me and the McAfee software still isn’t working. If I weren’t so tired…, I’d take both laptops to a repairman. (I hoped I could resolve the problems.)

After the rain, it would be a good time to burn some of the limbs–but I’ll procrastinate.

OK. OK, on the Internet, I purchased the software to unlock the lost password. I spent the morning trying to install it on the other laptop computer. Failure after failure. I tried to send an email message to the “support” email address, on their website, BUT IT DIDN’T WORK. Second, I copied the message to the email that confirmed my purchase and that “bounced.” I’m exactly where I was a few hours ago, a few days ago, but I’m a few dollars poorer. (Their phone number doesn’t work either.)

On a positive note: Phone call from the doctor’s office and second test indicates all OK. On a humorous note: Doctor said to get a lot of exercise and watch my diet. I believe I’m faithful in both areas.

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