Saturday “Super hot & super steamy” !!

That’s an emphatic statement from Houston TV meteorologist (at 7:25 AM). I’m so lethargic, I can hardly move. My body feels “beat up”  but I didn’t do any strenuous exercise yesterday (and I won’t do today). 



There are clouds intermittently blocking the sun so documented temperature appears comfortable. But look at the humidity. Two fans are moving the air inside my trailer home plus the air-conditioner. My electric bill will be enormous; I hate to drop the thermostat below eighty degrees.



In the sauna ?!

Can’t stay indoors for any length of time; drawn to the yard like a honey bee to nectar. First I used the accumulated condensation from air-conditioner to water George’s little Christmas tree and my tomato plant. Then: Admiration of the plants that survived the hard freeze in January.

Shopping for a refrigerator

Unusual shopping experience today. I’ve searched the Internet for a refrigerator to replace the one in my trailer home. When someone is traveling with their motorhome, or RV, they have the choice of propane or electricity. That works well when “boondocking.” (I was a “boondocker” who usually spent the night in Walmart parking lots.) Quite often, retirees make a motorhome, or trailer, their permanent home and seldom use the propane feature. (Of course propane would be nice when the power goes out in a hurricane.) Here is a link to a replacement refrigerator for $1400.00. ~~ I won’t be “traveling” with this twenty-seven foot fifth-wheel trailer!! ~~ My needs are simple: Serviceable refrigerator at a reasonable price. ~~ As I search the Internet, I have to take “size” into consideration. My entry door is only twenty-eight inches wide so I must find a narrow refrigerator. ~~ I had a long “chat”  on-line with a Sears representative but (at that time) I thought his prices were too high (even with a so-called forty percent discount for 4th of July sale). ~~ Sears wants $574.80 for this Danby but elsewhere on the Internet sells for less. ~~ This Kenmore is priced right but too deep (would stick out into the room). ~~ It takes hours to search, read details, and move on. Frustrating, but I’m “cool as a cucumber”  in my blissfully cool trailer home. Two years ago, I suffered from the heat and had to replace the air-conditioner. (Footnote about that air-conditioner purchase.) HOPEFULLY, replacing the refrigerator will be less expensive than replacing the air-conditioner!! (Question: Is it possible the refrigerator only needs “a cheap fix”?)

First “Fry Day” of Summer !!


By eleven, it was so hot I was forced to retreat to my air-conditioned trailer home. The Shepherd’s Hook (with a new cement base) joined the garden. I assembled the recent-purchase, half-price Sunflower wind spinner. Trash was cleaned up because an animal (raccoon?) had a party. Other mundane tasks.

Lunchtime ?!

At Walmart (yesterday), I purchased the Deet product because I was told it would clean the headlamp lens. “Yes,” it works!! (I’m “KIA”-conscious now.) At a thrift shop, I bought two colanders. (I was told ashes are good for the lawn.) 


Off the grid !!

Five o’clock in the evening!! No early morning blog message today. The cool weather–with occasional rain–was an invitation to work on projects under cover of the patio, or carport (at home). However, the KIA is my priority right now. I firmly believe my Heavenly Father–or guardian angel–cared for my sadly neglected transportation. (When I  moved to the CARE Center, my “focus” changed substantially.) No picture, but I made an appointment with an auto repair shop before visit for oil change. Not directly a KIA matter but I (belatedly) went to Department of Motor Vehicles to report change of address. A new driver’s license issued and the picture is horrible. (I look very old and very ugly!!)

The refrigerator seems stuck on sixty-three degrees. It’s no wonder some of my food items spoiled (recently). Today, a bare minimum of perishable food purchased. ~~ “Yes” several items for my lawn and garden. A birthday present for my friend, Jim. ~~ “Doggie” items returned to Dollar Tree because Gabriella and the pups were gone before I had an opportunity to pamper them. ~~ For Lorraine: An apple fritter and coffee for breakfast; Subway “veggie delight” sandwich mid-afternoon. Also, mid-morning, extremely much-needed haircut!! ~~ (My “grid”  is the little piece of land identified as 351 Escapees Dr. [and I’m rarely “off”  the  grid].)