Shopping for a refrigerator

Unusual shopping experience today. I’ve searched the Internet for a refrigerator to replace the one in my trailer home. When someone is traveling with their motorhome, or RV, they have the choice of propane or electricity. That works well when “boondocking.” (I was a “boondocker” who usually spent the night in Walmart parking lots.) Quite often, retirees make a motorhome, or trailer, their permanent home and seldom use the propane feature. (Of course propane would be nice when the power goes out in a hurricane.) Here is a link to a replacement refrigerator for $1400.00. ~~ I won’t be “traveling” with this twenty-seven foot fifth-wheel trailer!! ~~ My needs are simple: Serviceable refrigerator at a reasonable price. ~~ As I search the Internet, I have to take “size” into consideration. My entry door is only twenty-eight inches wide so I must find a narrow refrigerator. ~~ I had a long “chat”  on-line with a Sears representative but (at that time) I thought his prices were too high (even with a so-called forty percent discount for 4th of July sale). ~~ Sears wants $574.80 for this Danby but elsewhere on the Internet sells for less. ~~ This Kenmore is priced right but too deep (would stick out into the room). ~~ It takes hours to search, read details, and move on. Frustrating, but I’m “cool as a cucumber”  in my blissfully cool trailer home. Two years ago, I suffered from the heat and had to replace the air-conditioner. (Footnote about that air-conditioner purchase.) HOPEFULLY, replacing the refrigerator will be less expensive than replacing the air-conditioner!! (Question: Is it possible the refrigerator only needs “a cheap fix”?)

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