Off the grid !!

Five o’clock in the evening!! No early morning blog message today. The cool weather–with occasional rain–was an invitation to work on projects under cover of the patio, or carport (at home). However, the KIA is my priority right now. I firmly believe my Heavenly Father–or guardian angel–cared for my sadly neglected transportation. (When I  moved to the CARE Center, my “focus” changed substantially.) No picture, but I made an appointment with an auto repair shop before visit for oil change. Not directly a KIA matter but I (belatedly) went to Department of Motor Vehicles to report change of address. A new driver’s license issued and the picture is horrible. (I look very old and very ugly!!)

The refrigerator seems stuck on sixty-three degrees. It’s no wonder some of my food items spoiled (recently). Today, a bare minimum of perishable food purchased. ~~ “Yes” several items for my lawn and garden. A birthday present for my friend, Jim. ~~ “Doggie” items returned to Dollar Tree because Gabriella and the pups were gone before I had an opportunity to pamper them. ~~ For Lorraine: An apple fritter and coffee for breakfast; Subway “veggie delight” sandwich mid-afternoon. Also, mid-morning, extremely much-needed haircut!! ~~ (My “grid”  is the little piece of land identified as 351 Escapees Dr. [and I’m rarely “off”  the  grid].)

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