Dog watching !!

This morning, I went grocery shopping because I’ve planned to be “home bound” for several days. I wanted to buy a few doggie treats, too, so I could endear myself to the Mom and nine pups. A friend is leaving town on a business trip. Frankly, I’m not a “doggie person.” However, I’m always eager to help a friend. ~~ Here are some details about a topic of no particular interest. At the grocery store, I was tempted–and succumbed–to the purchase of a chicken pot pie from the hot food display in the deli. I headed directly home with perishables–and pot pie. That’s not my typical food of choice but in my mind it seemed like a good-tasting infrequent treat. One bite and I was so disappointed!! It was too salty!! I ate a few more bites and then returned it to its original container. Less than two hours after the purchase, I was back in the store to complain. I seldom complain about a poor quality food item that I purchase. I never make a second trip into town to return a product.  I’m concerned about food and nutrition (as the reader is aware). IMHO, man nor beast should be eating that pot pie!! ~~ On the second trip into Livingston, I stopped at Lowe’s to check their mark-down plants. A large variety but nothing I wanted.

Sam, Gabriella and nine pups arrived mid-afternoon.  She has been in my yard several times so I never dreamed there would be a “getting acquainted” problem. Sam left at 6:15 for the square dance in the clubhouse (across the street). Later (after fixing my supper), when I went into my yard, Gabriella became vicious toward me!! She had a ferocious bark (and I’d never heard her bark) and I was cautious as I tried to walk away. I politely said “no, Gabriella.”  She bit my leg, and drew blood. I hated to… but went for Sam. He talked to the dog before returning to the dance. As I publish this (at 8:00 PM) I am uncertain about my “dog watching” future.

They’re gone. During the evening, I was a captive in my trailer home. Gabriella would go the length of the cable, half-way up the ramp to my door, giving every impression she would attack me. I was afraid to attempt to go past her (and no other way out of the trailer). I phoned Sam with the information. Before I knew he was in my yard, he had loaded Gabriella, carrier, and pups, into his truck. Then he gathered bowls, toys, and bags of dog food (dog food stored in my laundry room). ~~ I feel miserable; I wanted to help my friend.

June 5, 2018: Your “amateur photographer”  isn’t adept at setting up the camera on a tripod and activating the timer. This the best of several pictures of dog bite. I’m trusting this is not serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor (I deliberately avoid doctors).

One comment on “Dog watching !!

  1. carol says:

    I am a firm believer that blood cleanses – if the bite bled freely and you washed it you can do as well as anyone by watching it for a couple days. If it swells a lot or has any red lines going up your leg, get thee to the doctor !

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