Saturday yard sale information

No traffic on the street; few folks walking their dog(s); an eerie silence. Perhaps folks are still watching TV coverage of the royal wedding or “sleeping in” on the weekend? No sales.

So far, only a couple of individuals who didn’t see anything they need. Again I say, “an eerie silence” today in Rainbow’s End RV Park.

Couldn’t stop!! The projects in the yard drew me like a magnet. But, oh so hot!!  Three o”clock break for some sun ice tea.



This chair/planter, and its companion, were an attractive part of my “yarden.”   However, “beauty in the eye of the beholder.”   Absolutely no interest by visitors to my yard sale. Therefore, I put them in my “shade garden.” ~~ If/when I have to move, I’ll probably donate items that cannot accompany me.

“Hot” and tired!! I’ve been “up” for thirteen hours. In fact, not much sleep prior to three-thirty AM.

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