Friday yard sale details, etc., etc.

My signs were out early; my first customers arrived at eight o’clock. I am “piggy back”  on another resident’s advertised yard sale. When I drove around to place my small directional signs, I found “the other resident” has dozens… scattered around the neighborhood. Speaking of signs: I have “My prices are negotiable”  in conspicuous locations with my items. I’m serious about downsizing!! I want things to be adopted by a new family!! Hey, let’s drop the word “downsizing” and say “clearance.”


People love my bottles!! One white hobnail milk glass vase (on a “chandelier”) caught the eye of a customer and she wanted “for her collection.” From my collection to hers!

Realization: I like yard sales because lots of people to share conversation with!! ~~ Between customers, I’m working on the rearrangement of my planters.


When I have a strong man to assist, we’ll move the Yellow Butterfly Vine to the location next to edge of patio. Lots of sunshine there, and eventually pretty blooms. I’ve tried… but too heavy for me. I can’t even “wiggle” it from point A to point B.


Stop working in the yard; look at the thermometer; listen to  visitors!!

Turned on the TV and was greeted by the horrible news of another school shooting. “Life is good”  for some of us; pain and heartache for so many families today. ~~ This… on top of a night with limited sleep; I’m now an emotional wreck!!


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