Not good ?!

I’m still cold!!

I’m wearing flannel pajamas, a warm robe, and fuzzy warm slippers!! I’ve prepared two-teabags-strong ginger tea; I’m eating comfort-food grilled cheese sandwich and corn chips. Not a good day thus far!! ~~ I don’t “do”  cold; I admire my friends and family who live in really cold weather states.

to my credit today!! I did absolutely nothing. ~~ Mid-afternoon, on TV, I watched the movie The Phantom of the Opera and loved the beautiful sets, costumes and music.


A meaningful-to-me program–on NBC Dateline –titled “No Way Out.” It was about the recent fires, and mud slides, in Montecito, California. On the Memorial Day weekend, 1977, I was married in the beautiful gardens of Westmont College campus. My husband, and I, had limited acquaintance with the very charming community. “Limited…” but I have fond memories and was glued to the TV program.

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