Yard sale — bane or blessing ??


COLD, windy day and I had absolutely no desire to venture outdoors. Last night, I neglected to take down the yard sale sign.  This morning, I’m drinking coffee, watching Meet the Press, trying to keep warm when I see a stranger walking through my semi-private, extremely cluttered,  patio (outside my door). I grabbed my coat and went out to greet the lady (a lady with several “freebie” items). “No, she didn’t buy anything.” I quickly took down the sign but her husband (putting air in motorhome tires) came over to browse but said “nothing I need.”  Strangely, my valuable “doorbell” failed to alert me to their presence–or I was preoccupied with Meet the Press (not expecting yard sale customers). As I type this (10:00), I’m chilled from head to toe!! Seriously, I’m going back to bed.

Maybe a yard sale invites “Lookie Lou’s”  (bane) who will return (in the middle of the night) to steal…. Here at Rainbow’s End RV Park, several trailers have been stolen. Recently, I ordered a “boot”  for my cargo trailer. (Yes, one stolen trailer was a “cargo” trailer.) 

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