Unpleasant weather

“Severe weather overnight” according to TV meteorologist. Yes, it kept me awake!! It’s 7:50 AM as I type this and I’m seeing lightning and hearing thunder. Looking out my windows, I see the wet street but can’t tell if it is raining. With my trailer home under the roof, I no longer “hear” rain. Under these conditions, probably few–if any–yard sale customers today.

Until yesterday, the “greenhouse” was near the fire-barrel in my “back yard.”

Surprise: A pleasant customer couple arrived just as I updated this message (9:00 AM). Their very first experience visiting yard sales. They were delighted with my selection–and spent $41.00.

Weird experience right now; strange, eerie silence!! No rain, no thunder, no traffic on the street, nobody walking their dogs, no cars at the Clubhouse (across the street). Seriously: A strange, eerie silence.

I’m as restless as a caged tiger; I want to be outdoors!! However, it is just “too cold” for this old lady. “Yes” there are indoor projects but I’d rather be working on outdoor things.

“Sports” on some channels I usually watch, or program absolutely not-to-my-liking, so I did some “channel surfing”  (unusual [for me] activity) and discovered the “Discovery” channel. Specifically, I found Mike Rowe and his “Dirty Jobs”  program. That’s entertaining!!  🙂  🙂  ~~ Observation: Mike has “cleaned up his act” now that his program “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” is broadcast on Christian television. IMHO: Mike’s having lots of fun preparing the programs!!

To paraphrase an old saying: The sunshine is a couple of days late and I’m a (yard sale) dollar (or more) short. (“Day late and dollar short.” )


“Don’t put the jacket away yet” according to Houston TV meteorologist. Furthermore, during the weather report, we were informed “Another ‘front’ next Saturday.”

Sunshine–but COLD and windy.

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