Preparation for a “yard” yard sale !!

Years accumulation of garden paraphernalia. I haven’t the energy (or heart) to approach gardening as documented during the past six years. (Check my blog messages dating back to December 2011.) Being eighty-three years “old” is a bummer (imho). It takes twice as long to complete a project!! Here are a few of my construction accomplishments: Mandavilla and Clematis Dog fence trellis, Calibrachoa and Nasturtiums, and Being creative.” 


A sturdy support was built to hang Topsy-Turvy tomato planters. Now, ten Shepherd’s Hooks are hanging there awaiting potential buyers.Almost indestructible metal squirrel feeder on small metal chair. Squirrel feeder attached to cute child’s chair and possum raided.


You can get a “close up” by clicking on the picture and position the “plus sign” on the area you want to see.~~~~ How nice, Google recognized my birthday (but you won’t have the same image).

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