90 percent inspiration, 10 percent perspiration !!




Repositioned trellis.

Ideal location for the trellis.A few days ago (April 4th) I displayed my curious creation “trellis.”  I said “subject to a remodel.”  Very early this morning I had the bright idea that the “trellis” would be ideal on the framework for the Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato planters.  Recently I decided I would not try Topsy-Turvy tomatoes this year. The seeds I planted sprouted under the Grow Light but quickly died.  Frankly, I spent a lot of time pampering the tomato plants (last year) and decided I lack the health and energy for the project this year.  I planted a red Mandevilla plant in a white pail directly under the trellis.  “Red,” obviously, to attract the Hummingbirds!! I believe my container garden will be a riot of color in a few short months!!

ClematisSN853045Mandavilla plant

I may have paraphrased the percentages.  (Maybe I’ll check the web for the actual quotation).  Some of my projects don’t require any hard labor, just come up with a new idea.  Look at the pictures (taken April 7th) of the front porch where I inserted hooks for hanging baskets.  See the shrub at the corner of the porch rail??  The shrub went “bye-bye” and a square green planter took its place–a planter with a pink Mandevilla plant.  It will vine all over the porch rail (if all goes well).  I ran out of planter soil (again) or the red Mandevilla would have been in the bone-color planter so it could climb on the rail next to sidewalk and parking lot.  But (IMHO) the red Mandevilla will be perfect for the backyard garden!!  Today I bought a  Clematis for the bone-color planter.  ~~  I love my gardening projects!!  I loved the 85 degrees weather today!!  

FYI:  I am always looking at the possibility that I will have to move.  I am not “a retired missionary.”  This complex was built “for retired missionaries.”  However, at the time I inquired… there were numerous vacancies.  Mine had been vacant for over two years.  I was able to rent with the stipulation that “if all the apartments are rented and a retired missionary wants an apartment you’ll [I’ll] have ninety days to move.”  Well… all the apartments are rented!!  Will I have to move??  Only time will tell!!  ~~  I’ve prepared plants in containers because FRANKLY most of the residents don’t want plants to care for.  They are very vocal about “no plants, no bird feeders, no squirrels”!!!!!!!!!!  When I move, the front and back yard can revert to mundane. ~~  (I’ll have a “yard sale” in the truest sense of the word!!)

Postscript, Thurs., April 18, 2013, 2:30 PM: I bought a new (large) bag of Miracle Gro planter soil today (after my chiropractor appointment)–and planted the Clematis after work. The plant has pushed out amazing growth while still in its half-gallon size pot.  With that large planter full of delicious soil, it should climb all over the white rail in no time at all?!  When I purchased… there were buds but no blooms. Extremely beautiful purple blossoms have appeared. (The last picture [above] was copied from a website. Perhaps–in a few months–I’ll be able to publish a similar picture of my Clematis.)

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