Happy New Year from my home to yours !!

Happy New Year from my home(s) to yours!!

A co-worker took a picture on Dec. 8th (with his cell phone) and uploaded it to me. On the left, this is the way I look almost all the time: No makeup, no curl in my hair, not-so-fancy clothes. (I’m wearing a blue denim jumper with a pink pull-over.)  However, on the right, all dressed up for a Marty Goetz concert.  (Marty and I were both members of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood in 1979.)  ~~~~~~~  From my laptop computer, in my apartment, I send sincere, very best wishes for a healthy, happy 2012.

2 comments on “Happy New Year from my home to yours !!

  1. Wayne and DeboraH mARTIN says:

    Happy New Years Loraine May Father Bless you this year

  2. Wayne and Deborah Martin says:

    Blessings (I made a correction at this end, oh it works well to be able to post)

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