Rainy day musings

When I purchased a new HP scanner in March (and a new Dell laptop computer), I never dreamed I’d be scanning reams of paper to defend myself regarding an eviction. “Never dreamed…”! Curious how these things happen? I was scanning semi-valuable file folders of family history and publishing it to the newly constructed Digitized Library of Family History. Remember the old saying Learn something new every day? **I am!!** Last night I searched the Internet for information about FAXing information from a computer–from a computer without a phone line. (Google searches, so valuable!!) Did you know you can FAX from a Smartphone?? I still use a “dumb” phone–and it serves me admirably.

Rainy, gloomy day; a “cold front”  is heading our way and we may finally experience some “winter” weather (so says the TV meteorologist). I cannot provide the reader with details about the amount of rain the past couple of days. I have absolutely no idea where to find the rain gauge; it is buried somewhere in the jumble of “stuff” in the cargo trailer.

Also hopelessly misplaced: Calculator. I was reconciling my check book register with on-line bank statement. Gratefully, a Google search produced an on-line calculator and I was able to complete my task.

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