New Dell Laptop Computer

New Dell Laptop Computer. With an enormous scanning project planned, I need a new “tool.” The ASUS (purchased more than four years ago) has served admirably but occasionally shocks me with a “blue screen.” No way I want to risk a big new job on an old computer. Savvy folks will recognize that the new purchase is an “old computer.” I chose Windows-7 (again) because I’m familiar with it. Four years ago, Windows-8 was pre-installed on my purchase. I hated it, and returned, and exchanged for “seven.” I’ve watched friends and neighbors using Windows-10 and I dislike that operating system too.

Unpacked new computer

Small work area

This clutter must go

Charging the battery

Above: Saturday pictures and narrative. ~~ Sunday morning listening to TV worship services while removing clutter from the surfaces destined for a new project. Step number two: Work on all the clutter now scattered on the floor. ~~ Yesterday afternoon and evening: Frustrating job initializing the new computer and finally receiving WiFi signal on it. I suspect a “geek” would have swiftly completed the task  (Kudos to the old lady for her accomplishment?) ~~ At this time, the Dell computer will be dedicated to the scanning project.

Cleared table-top

Two computers and clear table-top

postscriptThis is the scanner I ordered: HP ScanJet Pro 2500. I did my Internet research and hope, and pray, this was a good choice.

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