New laptop computer !!

FYI: “Old Faithful” (laptop computer) died last Thursday (sudden and no warning).  I’ve been without computer and Internet until this hour (6:00 PM). Monday is my day to go to the chiropractor and do my grocery shopping.  I bought a new laptop at Sam’s Club.  This… has Windows-8 so I have a lot to learn.  An enormous change !!  ~~  More info later.

Postscript, Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Windows-8 is radically different from everything I’ve previously experienced (over 30 years working with computers).  Any project I undertake requires minutes–or hours!!  I’ll be working on e-mail (example) and the page suddenly disappears (and it takes time to “find” it again).  Bottom line: I may not tackle another blog message very soon.  (This postscript added from the computer while I am/was at work.)

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