Two Thousand Minus Four !!

Conservatively, I have two thousand items that need a new home!!  Today I sent a box–via FedEx–to the buyer of four of my collector’s plates.  Hallelujah!!   Only one hundred (or more) collector’s plates that need a new home.  ~~  It will be a “landmark” day when the buyer picks up thirteen large boxes of health and nutrition books (over two hundred).  Then I will have some “wiggle space” in the room that has wall-to-wall boxes of memorabilia.  ~~  Within the next month, the many bags and several boxes of items for Operation Christmas Child should be at the Processing Center.  ~~  Truthfully, my depression may subside when I’m able to tackle those (wall-to-wall) boxes currently beyond arm’s reach?!?!  I’m so weary of all the clutter!!  I feel I can’t invite anyone to the apartment because I don’t want them to see the volumes of “stuff” I have retained (and judge accordingly).

Perhaps you can sympathize with me and appreciate why I choose to spend so much time in my backyard garden?!?!  I really need to “downsize” but not a week goes by that I am not buying something for the yard.  This past week, I shopped two Goodwill stores and bought planters and plant stands.  (How could I pass up a large planter for $2.00??)  Recently I got an exceptionally good buy, at Tuesday Morning, on attractive large planters.  I had looked at them–for months–priced at $26.00 each.  On my recent trip, I found them at the Mooresville store, marked down plus another 70% off.  I bought the four available planters for less than one at the original price!!  Hallelujah!!  This week (at Tuesday Morning) I bought more garden items with “70% off ticketed price.”  ~~  Because I wanted to shop the second Goodwill store, I drove to Lancaster, South Carolina (something I rarely do).  I discovered the K-Mart is closing (“going out of business”) so stopped and headed for the garden department.  I bought four bags of organic planter soil, and several bags of bird seed.  I’m already so anxious for Spring so I can arrange planters, fill with soil, and plant flowers and Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants!!  ~~  After reading ideas in a book about “container gardens,” I’m eager to do something “unique” with the planters and plant stands.  ~~  Chide me about this acquisition: At Goodwill, next to their dumpster, I saw a disassembled, broken baby crib.  I instantly recognized the rectangular metal springs would make a perfect trellis.  In my mind’s-eye, I see Scarlet Runner Bean vines twining around links (and far more attractive than the macrame rope used for a trellis earlier this year).  ~~  Yes, I’m anxious for Spring!!

Another outside project: Attract deer to water, salt lick, and feeder.

2 comments on “Two Thousand Minus Four !!

  1. Lorraine – you are going to plant so much, you won’t be able to go camping with us! You won’t be able to leave home for fear your plants will die! I hope that is not the case. I’ll have too see this backyard oasis if I get down your way.

  2. Yes, Jimmy, I confess that is probably true. Last summer I hated to leave because I was “protective” of my Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants. Next summer, likewise, plus all my additional plants. I have three more “orphan” plants I’ve adopted and need to give them tender-loving-care (since Honeysuckle plant). I have three “volunteer” tomato plants (from original Topsy-Turvy…) I’ve moved from the yard to planters and I’m “encouraging them” in my living room (so no Fall or Winter camping). I’m “betwix and between” my love of camping and love of my backyard garden. ~~ Come visit JAARS and stay in our nice RV Park. I’ll “camp” with you and give you a tour of the Center. Many interesting places to visit near Charlotte!!

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