I love Google !!

The Bluejack Oak tree has been a concern. I checked for information (after a Google search) and this one bit of information jumped out at me.

Water Use: Low
Light Requirement: Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Dry
Soil Description: Sandy, Sandy Loam

Is it possible I “killed it with kindness”? Did I “over water”?

From a gallon jug, about a cup at a time at the trunk of the tree, I’m giving Bluejack some aspirin. It was worth a try.”


Received the following from a friend and worth sharing (imho).

Spending time around trees lowers stress hormones, blood pressures and enhances autonomic nervous system activity such as digestion by 55 percent, say Japanese researchers. Grounding is a likely factor: “Trees are alive themselves, unlike conductors such as rocks, they actually retain deep reservoirs of charge that transfer freely through touch” Dr. Koniver explains. Even seconds of direct physical contact–using any body part–imparts benefits. “Sometimes on busy days I’ll just brush my hand against a trunk as I pass by,” she says. “Just as a brief workout can help with calorie balance, a short grounding session can improve electrical balance and make a meaningful difference to your health.”

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