According to Houston TV meteorologist…

“Feels-like temperature will be dangerously high today. Triple digits by ten.”

My air-conditioner has struggled the past couple of weeks. Several times a day, the A/C “pops the breaker.” I wait half-an-hour before I turn on again. Last night, at 9:30, it “popped” so I left off all night. It was a restless night as I tried to sleep in a “puddle of perspiration.” I’m not complaining; I’m just documenting in my blog/journal. Gratefully, I have a good fan–and the nearby CARE Center is cool and comfortable. 

Oh no!! While typing this–7:45 AM– the problem re-occurred!! It isn’t a problem with my one-year-new A/C; it’s the beastly hot weather.


Hot house!!


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