Worth a try ??

Someone suggested I give my sick little tree an aspirin. Actually (considering the size of the tree), I dissolved three and poured at the trunk. Remember my enthusiasm the first week? (Looking back at my blog messages, I see where I failed to document my enthusiasm–but believe me I was joyful.) The tree looked good and no evidence of transplant shock. I trimmed limbs; I had a trickle of water saturating the soil around the trunk. Then, overnight, the leaves turned brown and “crispy.”

The end of July, hottest days of the year (at that point) was NOT an appropriate time to plant trees (IMHO). But the CARE Facility Director purchased new “baby” trees for many resident sites. For “cosmetic reasons” the tree I received was removed from another site–and destined for the “burn pile.” I won’t give up on “Blue Jack Oak”; I’ll nurse him for months to come and hope to see new growth next Spring.


A Google search brought up many links. Here is one particularly interesting site.

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