Recycled soil and other boring information ?!

Most of the day spent in my “yarden.” I had an overwhelming desire to get my hands  in the soil, Picture #1 shows the many planters that came out of the tarp shelter. Perhaps fifty planters where sheltered against freezing temperatures. Sadly, almost every plant did not survive; they have been in a position to get sunshine and water. Picture #2 reveals the appearance after planters were emptied, and moved to storage. Weeds were pulled (but many more await my attention). Picture #3 documents the “recycled” soil in another of my enormous planters. In my mind’s-eye, it was quality soil and worth saving!! Picture #4 portrays “an experiment.” A CARE resident brought me two branches (from one of his friends) and said “Just stick them in the ground and they will grow.” Picture #5 displays all the new growth on the Texas Lilac. ~~ Note the clay color planters: Coleus plants that have no new growth but I’m not ready to discard them. ~~ It’s almost 5:30 PM and tired old lady is indoors for the remainder of the day.

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