Unexpected planter project #2

Yesterday, I had the dubious pleasure of retrieving the planters I’d just delivered to Helen’s porch.  Déjà vu.   She was very vocal (to others) that she didn’t want them and “throw them in the dumpster.” The man who was going to “throw them in the dumpster” couldn’t lift them so (gratefully) they were still available. I rescued them!! Before I put them in the temporary location, I drastically trimmed away the excess growth. I said “temporary” because they will go under the tarp shelter before severely cold weather.

Déjà vu

Before severe trimming

Back where they were a few days ago

Coleus with blooms

Trimmed mosquito plants

Lily plants


Altered solar plant stakes

Discarded solar lights before makeoverJames knows my passion for “all things garden” and brought me two discarded solar lights.


Two glass bulbs from solar lightsSo-o-o, after I voted, I trimmed plants, etc., etc., and reworked the discarded solar lights so they can serve as a plant stake at a future date. Aren’t the glass bulbs pretty on the bottle tree?? That’s just temporary… but worthy of a picture.

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