Preparing for Mr. Frost ‘r Freeze !!

Temperature at twelve-thirtyStrange how my day(s) unfold(s). Yes, I expected to work in my “yarden” but rearranging the tarp shelter had been furthermost from my mind. Rearrange… to make room for plants. Then I found myself trimming plants (in smaller planters) and moving the plants into the shelter. Psychologically (and physically?) I intuitively knew better to accomplish on a nice sunny day rather than rush when frost or freeze is predicted. More work to be done but I took “a break” to enjoy homemade lunch. ~~ Houston TV meteorologist’ are predicting freezing temperatures “in about ten days.” Well, I’ll be ready!!

Numerous plants under cover

Another planter under cover

Heat lamp wide view

Heat lamp close up

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

3:30 PM; sixty-five degrees outdoors. An exhausted old lady taking another break and adding two more pictures. ~~ Twenty-two planters under cover today!!

Ready for more plants

Coleus, etc.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Exhausted old lady” ignored fatigue because CARE maintenance man, James, was available (after hours) to move things from my storage unit (down the highway) to my neighbor’s on-site storage building. (When “helping hands” are available, I’m available, no excuses.) I’ll begin the process of discarding and donating.

James at the storage unit

From James truck to Alice storage unit

One comment on “Preparing for Mr. Frost ‘r Freeze !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    I’m not coming to see you! I’m only 433 miles south but hope that’s enough to stay warm!

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