Insane spending ??

I could have taken a mini-vacation?!

Thick fog blankets the area so I do not have through-the-air television reception. No TV news “fix” first thing in the morning. So-o-o-o I sorted papers piled on the table (next to the computer) and discarded most. Out of curiosity, I gathered the store receipts and figured the totals spent (at each store) for beer, wine, Martinelli’s Sparking Cider, Welch’s Sparking Grape, Perrier, Dollar Tree red vases, etc. Then I added the expense of the several Bottle Bush, Hanging Bottle display, and two Thrift Shop display racks (modified as a “tree”). I’m too embarrassed to post the total!!

dollar-sign-and-ladyFor what I’ve spent, I could have taken a mini-vacation!! But where would I go and what would I do?? **If** I had my travel trailer, it wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t want to go to a hotel or motel; I don’t want to eat alone in a dining room or fast food restaurant. I don’t want to “cruise” alone. So, I’ve “invested” in a project that brings me a sense of pleasure–and pleasure to other residents.

Nine o’clock and still heavy fog. Time for me to leave the computer and focus on other indoor projects. Actually, several days of “indoor” because a cold front is moving in with rain and lower temperatures.

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