Out of the ordinary day !!

Yesterday “yours truly” (celebrating her birthday) departed radically from her normal routine. Yesterday: No phone, no computer, no garden, no CARE.

The day was a series of first-time experiences in the Livingston area. #1: Breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe; #2: Browsing Downtown Treasures; #3: Long conversation with John (he buys gold). #4: A two blocks walk to the jewelry store, where a gentleman (older than myself) installed a new battery in my Philip Stein watch. #5: Hours spent in the Outlet Mall looking at clothing and shoes. #6: A drive to Lake Livingston State Park (where I was shocked to learn a season pass is $70.00). #7: Blue Bell ice cream at Goodrich Old Town Emporium & Creamery. My shopping experience(s) also included Walmart where I returned an item, Dollar Tree looking for red vases, and Oasis Thrift looking for white vases.

Birthday purchasesToday, unexpectedly, I learned of a trip to the large H.E.B. market in Kingwood, Texas. We made this same trip a month ago. Again, an enjoyable outing with Grayce (our volunteer driver) and George (another CARE resident). Oh woe is me!! I lamented about spending $83.00 last trip but spent $104.40 this time. We “lunched” at Jason’s Deli again. Now, I have so many yum-yum good foods in my refrigerator and pantry!!

turbo-taxThursday afternoon, I purchased on-line and downloaded Turbo Tax. That evening I added my pertinent information, e-Filed, and received confirmation of acceptance. The last couple of days I’ve spent a sizable amount of my tax refund!!

Out of ordinary day(s)!!

2 comments on “Out of the ordinary day !!

  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday and also found out about the HEB trip! Awesome!

  2. carolaow says:

    Happy belated birthday, Lorraine. Sounds like a wonderful day!

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