New love: Philip Stein

Philip Stein watch & bracelet (2)Philip Stein watch & bracelet (1)On the cruise, I met an unexpected new love interest. I discovered the “romance” of Philip Stein. Life will be exciting if I’m able to awaken after a good night’s sleep. Life will be rewarding if I have boundless energy!! ~~ Want to buy one? Here’s a similar set.

No more Panda eyes with a sleep bracelet.

Can a bracelet actually help you sleep?

Don’t want the large watch?** Try this daytime bracelet.

**My purchase was solely due to price, not my fashion choice. Frankly, the least expensive items in the display case.


I arrived home at noon Saturday–after an awesome cruise. Thereafter, I kept attempting to access WiFi from my trailer home–NONE. Now (Sunday noon), I am in the Dining Room at CARE. More details later.


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