Playing in the “mud” !!

Temperature at noon“Multi-tasking”: Eating lunch while preparing this message. Even before nine-forty, I was in my “yarden” photographing  more freezing temperature damaged plants. A windy morning but warm enough to start the project cement base for the Awesome Blossom.” (A slang expression for wet concrete: “mud.”)


Temperature at nine-forty

Preparation for cement base

Mixing cement for the base

Cement into planter

Awesome Blossom by base

Awesome Blossom base


Preparation for Bottle Bush base

Mixing cement for Bottle Bush baseObviously, I needed to “save” the remainder of the bag of concrete?! The second base has been planned longer than I’ve owned Awesome Blossom.” This one is tricky because I’m preparing in such a way that base for a Bottle Tree can be removed from planter. Second: The planter itself has a hole in the bottom and sits securely on re-bar protruding from the tree stump. The planter, too, will be removable. Obviously, more pictures in a few days, after cement hardens. (To repeat something I’ve expressed previously: Everything has to be portable–and removable–when I die, so things can be moved off this RV site.)

Need another bag of cement


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

choices-four-choicespostscriptDecisions, decisions!! My plans don’t always go as planned. I’d intended to use the simulated whiskey barrel planter but decided it isn’t deep enough. From a large variety of planters, I’m looking at these four.

Really preferred the simulated wood barrel planter

Proper depth

Before spray painting

One coat


Looking good

Satin_cinnamon spray paint

A coat of spray paint works miracles?! Because I frequently “refresh” plastic planters, I have several cans, several colors in my storage building. No extra expense today.

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