Windchime serenade !!

All day–while I worked in my “yarden”–I enjoyed the music of six wind chimes. I haven’t been able to find the wind velocity listed on any of the web sites, (It’s there; I just haven’t found it.) So I’m thinking my next weather station should be a little more sophisticated and include the gizmo that records the wind. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell you that I had gusts up to such-‘n-such?

I’m grateful the Bottle Tree on the south side of my trailer home is set in a cement base. It is waving in the wind and would surely have blown over if merely stuck into the ground.

My plants look so pathetic, I began to trim those I hadn’t touched the other day. I hope, and pray, they come back from a strong root system. Time will tell?!

exhausted-woman-sitting-in-chairI’m exhausted!!


AccuWeather at four-thirty

Weather at six-ten PMIn my humble opinion, fifteen miles per hour is low.


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