Ad nauseam !!

True story: My departed husband hated my stories (and me?)!! I grew up hearing aphorisms (as my mother grew up hearing aphorisms): “A stitch in time saves nine”;  “A penny saved is a penny earned”; “Don’t judge a book by its cover”; “Early to bed…”. Frankly, I’d never heard the word “aphorism” or “ad nauseam” but highly educated husband knew them and said them when I’d use a “saying” or launch into a detailed story. (My subsequent marriage to an older [sick] man and that’s all I’ll say.)

Perhaps my readers tire of my stories, and weary of the repetitious pictures (ad nauseam). Yesterday I “downsized” a box of pictures, journals, brochures, etc., regarding our trip to Alaska in August 1979. My mind is tormented right now with memories. If it were not so cold, I’d be outdoors, thus “changing the subject” (lol).

Temperature about four AM

Three thermometers at four AM

Three thermometers about four AM

figure-at-laptop-computer-on-a-table“There’s a silver lining” because it’s warmer this morning!! Three pictures taken approximately the same time the last three mornings. “To add insult to injury” our temperature may rocket to eighty degrees later this week.


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