Surveying the freezing temperature damage !!

Gift Mexican Petunia


Tomato and Begonia

South side plants

Mexican Petunia and Ruellia

Mexican Petunia and Ruellia trimmed

Ginger Root and Turmeric

Yellow Butterfly Vine


Mosquito plant


Three Mandevilla plants


stick-figure-with-plan-blocksThe plants under the tarp shelter appear in worse condition than the plants pictured here. I’m leaving that picture-taking for another day. I deliberately planned to give those plants extra protection!!


Need to fold covers

Folded covers

These two least damage

It is my hope and prayer that the plants will recover. However, perhaps this is a nudge toward a bottle garden that requires less work and less heartache!! Yes, I’m heartbroken about the sick (or dying) plants.broken-heart-with-bandage


Trimmed Nedra's plants

Trimmed in my yard and Nedra's yard

Time and temperature at two-twenty PM

figure-at-laptop-computer-on-a-table-2-and-use-this-oneI’m indoors, out of the wind and cold, at the computer when there’s a knock on the door. “Here’s four more bottles. Can you use some old sheets?” Indeed, I can use more plant covers but pray-pleaseI pray we do not have any more freezing temperatures this Winter.

Four gift bottles

Three gift sheets for plant covers

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