Burr-r-r-r-r-r !!!

Temperature at four-thirty

Temperature at six AM

Temperature at eleven AM

Temperature at two PM

AccuWeather at two PM

Ten day forecast at two PM

Burr-r-r-r-rTwo weeks ago, we were suffering with freezing temperatures. Four weeks ago I wrote about plummeting temperatures. Remember, I had to rely on the electric space heater?! Thank goodness, today my furnace is working. Frankly, it has been a miserable afternoon!! We’ve had rain, sleet and snow. The walkways are treacherous; I walked very, very, very cautiously!! Ideally, this afternoon, the residents should have been “nestled” warmly in their comfortable chairs, at home, but “we” were enjoying a “going away” party for a departing resident.


Looking at freezing thermometer

Temperature at four PM


Forecast for seven PM Friday

TV forecast for seven-thirty AM Saturday


TV forecast for 12 noon Saturday

TV forecast for two AM Sunday


Click each picture for better viewing.

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