Watching the temperature plummet

Today, I repeatedly checked temperatures and documented the drop in temperature. At 6:40, the meteorologist said “Freezing from midnight ’til nine.”

Ten day forecast


Temperature at two AM

Temperature at six AM




Temperature at eleven AMJust before eleven, I walked outdoors, into the woods, to take several pictures of the porch and ramp in their “final resting place.” burr-3I was wearing a coat and hat but got chilled to the bone!! I checked the covers–over the plants–and many need more clothes pins to hold the sheet (or tablecloth) in place.

Temperature at two PMAccuWeather says Real Feel is thirty-eightAccuWeather says “Real Feel” is thirty-eight degrees.

Temperature at four PM

white-stick-figure-with-a-thermometerEven indoors, with the thermometer reading seventy-five degrees, I’m COLD!!

Temperature at six PM


Wind chill temperature at six AM Friday

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