Extremely grateful !!

Heater indoorsGrateful to volunteer Woody for installing a new battery in July so I have 12-volt electricity. Our power went off today from about 9:00 AM until 1:30 PM and I’m benefiting from 12-volt for the first time. Grateful to handyman Roger for fixing my furnace so I have heat when no electricity. My Lasko would be useless on this miserably frigid day!! Grateful for a recent purchase of bird seed so I can share with a neighbor and feed my feathered friends. Grateful for sunshine because it brightens our “coldest day in three years” (according to Houston TV meteorologist).

I searched (unsuccessfully) my blog messages hoping to find the one that commented on new battery. I found this message about Melted like butter with details and pictures regarding the opposite end of the thermometer.

This afternoon, we gathered in the CARE multi-purpose room for the memorial service for a resident who recently passed away. Two hours earlier, a dear friend resident departed, with family, for his new “assisted living” home in New Mexico. Poor health and old age takes a toll on our small community. Residents come and residents go. We are blessed, and grateful, for a very supportive environment!!

Many of my plants are dead, or dying, from prolonged freezing temperatures. Occasionally, I have maintenance concerns. More recently I’ve shared “bottle bush blues” BUT 


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