Richly blessed, highly favored !!

Elephant Ear wide view

Elephant Ear bloom close up


Seemingly overnight, I have something new in my “yarden.” I’m a novice… so went to the Internet and found this web link regarding Elephant Ear bloom. “Highly favored” because I have the pleasure of this rare sight.

Alocasia odora is also known as elephant ear plant because of its colossally huge leaves and the general shape of the foliage. They are members of the Aroid family, which encompasses plants with some of the most attractive foliage available to gardeners. The glossy, heavily veined leaves are a standout and the main attraction, but occasionally you get lucky and the plant will bloom, producing unique dangling seed pods on elephant ear plant.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Seed Pods On Elephant Ear Plants: Do Alocasia Elephant Ears Have Seeds

smiley-face-two-thumbs-up-winkingOccasionally, I complain about “too much yard work” but that’s when I’m extremely tired and “no end in sight.” An unexpected bloom is my reward!! Recently, the seed pod on the Yellow Butterfly Vine, and now seed pod on Elephant Ear. Oh joy!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pictures showing the rapid deterioration of the bloom (?) seed pod.

Elephant Ear bloom close up

Day two

Day three

Day Four seed pod

Day fiveI’m republishing this message from an earlier date (10/16/16) because I don’t want my readers to miss the life-cycle of this Elephant Ear bloom/seed pod. Personally, I find it very interesting.


Day six (1)

Day six (2)

Day seven

Day eight

Elephant Ear seed podDay nine of the Elephant Ear seed pod. It is dry and brittle (and the reader is tired of the day-by-day pictures).

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