More “goodies” !!

All the two dollar stuff
Jack-O-Lantern garden flagI can’t resist a yard sale!! Especially one almost in my back yard. Today, Thrift ‘n Gift is so anxious to get rid of all the extra stuff, they dropped the price to $2.00 a bag. My “treasures” include (obviously) more clear glass vases, a sturdy Christmas Tree base, and “gizmos” to support plants (so they don’t droop), Two “garden flags” were begging for a home, and “Jack” was immediately put on display (“yes” a bit faded but ’tis the season).

The CARE maintenance staff is cutting down the trees across the field from my trailer home. I plan to find a two-inch limb and strip it down so I have a tree trunk. Then I’ll attach the braces for branches and bottles/vases. (Watch for pictures of the finished product,)

Christmas tree base

Tree base and branches

The red & white flannel-back plastic tablecloth will serve as another cover for my plants when/if we have freezing temperatures. I have lots of old sheets but one more cover may come in handy?!

Airing the black bagHidden from sight (first pictures), between the two garden flags, is a black bag. I can (and will) use it for more “evacuation” items. I’ve collected more (for evacuation) and need another bag to transport all. Let’s hope, and pray, we never need to evacuate!! ~~ Although the bag is new, it smells “musty” from storage. I’m airing it out before using it.


More evacuation stuff from my car

Multiple outlets

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Free stuffPostscript, same day 2:20 PM: About one-thirty, I received a phone call saying everything remaining was “free” (before left-overs are hauled to the dump). I can’t resist a yard sale in my almost back yard; I won’t refuse “free” if I think I can use it in my yard.  **ALL** for my yard (except another new bag for “who knows what?”).Smiley face two thumbs up

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