Yellow Butterfly Vine surprise (and other trivia) !!

Two pods?My garden has a story to tell–and I’m eager to listen. I was very surprised to see that strange green growth on my Yellow Butterfly Vine. I went to the Internet for an answer and discovered this Yellow Butterfly Vine information: “The clusters of dainty flowers on Butterfly Vine shine as brilliant as the summer sun. But it’s the seed pods that give the plant its name. During summer, chartreuse ‘wings’ unfold on the seed pods that look like butterflies. The papery pods will turn tan to brown as they mature, and they can be harvested and planted….” 


Yellow Butterfly Vine seed pod (1)

Yellow Butterfly Vine seed pod (2)


Yellow Butterfly on Cape HoneysuckleYellow Butterflies were visiting my flowers but they seemed constantly on-the-move. I finally got a picture but hope to get a better picture soon. That yellow butterfly added the extra detail to story about the Yellow Butterfly Vine (imho). Click the picture for more detail; click a second time for extreme close-up.


Home grown peppers

Donated plantersI harvested the green peppers and will savor every single bite! This summer, I’ve had very few veggies from my garden. ~~ I watered plants and scrubbed the donated planters; five mark-down plants (from Lowe’s) got first-class treatment. ~~ Hours spent in my “yarden.”


Little flower in Rae's yard

Little flower in Rae's yard (2)


Time and temperature at two-fiftyA great deal more activity today: Bending, kneeling, lifting (and shifting), raking, sweeping, watering, etc., etc. While in my yard, I saw the speck of color in my neighbor’s yard– and investigated. That looks like a Crocus but the wrong time of year?! And, a miracle the riding lawn mower didn’t annihilate it. ~~ I turned my back on the yard at two-fifty, uploaded pictures, and prepared this blog. It’s almost four-thirty as I publish this… and will begin to prepare a salad with “store-bought” veggies. ~~ Our weather has been perfect the last few days!! Hallelujah!!


Evening salad

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