Learn something new every day !!

Today, I shared my “bottle mania” with two artist friends (real paint brush artists). I told them of my trip to Livingston in search of red, green, and blue bottles/vases. They told me how to paint the inside of clear glass bottles/vases. Duh, why didn’t I think of that? Mary Alice mentioned the small, inexpensive paint in the artist’s supply section of Walmart. I chimed in: “I have some; I bought a small container so I could paint my name (and Shirley’s) on our ladders.” The project is so simple!! Now I know how to accomplish “cobalt blue” for future patriotic display.

Clear glass vase and paint container

One painted vase

Two painted vases


Postscript/afterthought: I added a small amount of water to the paint container and shook violently. That little $2.00 container goes a long way!! After the paint dried, I did a second coat. Honestly, the container isn’t empty.

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