Savvy American Shopper (SAS)

SAS shoesHa haA play on words!! At the Senior Citizen’s thrift shop, I found and purchased a pair of SAS shoes–for $1.00. See the identical shoes on the SAS website–for $157.00. I know the brand; I knew I was blessed to find them in my size. Frankly, I had worn out all my “work” shoes and was seriously in need of shoes for Fall and Winter. Maybe these are “too nice” for yard work?

carnival-glass-pitcherSame thrift shop, same day, I purchased a Carnival Glass Pitcher identical to the one pictured at the left. I’m confident the Thrift Shop had no idea it was an antique. On-the-other-hand, maybe they were just glad for the $2.00 sale?? I searched eBay and found the pitcher priced from $19.99 to $45.00. Several vendors wanted more for shipping than they were asking for the item. Imagine?! ~~ I promptly donated the pitcher to the CARE Thrift ‘n Gift shop (and it may sell for $20.00 or more).

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