Bottle mania ?!

Thursday 13th news published on Friday 14th. “The old lady” ran out of energy so yesterday’s activities weren’t published. Yes, I could back-date but “a day late” is a “talking point” (lol). ~~ I’ve become infatuated with “bottle bush” displays. Truthfully, setting up the bottle display was a very small part of my day. Hours–and energy–spent on tarp shelter remodel.

Package received

Hung chandelier without bottles

With bottles

Very pretty bottles


Sparkling bottles in morning sunshinePostscript, Friday morning, ten o’clock. I confess: I love to sit on my patio, with a cup of coffee, and admire my “yarden.” I couldn’t resist another picture of the hanging vases. I’m contemplating red, and green, bottles and/or vases for Christmas. They would be attractive when the trees have shed all their leaves?! Bottle weeds(Bottles and vases–at bargain prices–from local thrift stores. I already have “green” displayed as “bottle weeds.”)

Postscript, Saturday, Oct.15, 2016: After dark.

Bottles with flash

Bottles without flash

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