Very happy gardener !!

“Yours truly” gets more curses than compliments regarding her garden!! When someone visits me, and admires my garden, I am ecstatically happy!! Former CARE employees came for a several-day visit, and smothered me with love and compliments about my beautiful flowering plants. smiley-face-two-smiley-facesMary admired the Cape Honeysuckle and I said “Would you like one?” Yes, she would like one. She liked the Mexican Petunia. “Would you like one?” Masmiley-face-thank-you-3ry also liked the Hummingbird Trumpet Vine, and Turk’s Cap, so I gladly presented those also. The idea of a Texas Lilac thrilled Mary but I do not have any “starter plants” (yet). I was able to give her Texas Lilac seeds. Mary and Tom made my day!!   🙂   🙂   🙂

Tom and Mary Corville

Going home with four plants


Before, and after, Tom and Mary’s visit, my focus was on my tomato plants. They have grown but did not produce (due to miserable hot, humid summer temperatures). Previously, I performed “radical surgery” and now in the process of trimming, and eliminating….

Three little tomatoes

Three little tomatoes close up

Another tomato planter

Some tomatoes on this plant


Blighted tomatoes to composter, plant went into the trash

Tomato plant into the trash

Watermelon vine goes into the trash

Watermelon vine into trash (2)

Radical surgery on three tomato plants

After radical surgery


Lorraine's lunchThis message is another “late” publication. The (13th) Tarp Shelter Remodel wasn’t published until 9:30 PM Friday (14th) so no time or energy to prepare the 14th day’s thoughts and pictures.confused-head-with-question-mark

One comment on “Very happy gardener !!

  1. Thomas or Mary Courville says:

    What a beautiful garden….you’ve made an “oasis” for others to enjoy.

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