Almost… but not quite !!

Temperature at one PM

Temperature at three PM

Accu-weather at three PM“Yours truly” is so tired she is cross-eyed (almost). Not too tired to sit at the computer, in the air-conditioned trailer, and prepare this blog message.



Clutter removed

Where to put planters

What to do with theseYesterday and today, very productive!! Confession: I can “live” with clutter in my crowded trailer home but I dislike clutter in my “yarden.”



Lorraine has a plan

Two of four

Four of four

Trellis attached

Trellis plus tarp

Behind trellis and tarp

Adding planters

View from the North

Tight squeeze

Unable to remove the root

Stepping stones

All cleaned up, looking good


Now I can encourage folks to come and visit. This past week, with all the clutter, I was constantly apologizing!! “Almost… but not quite” because more less dramatic projects awaiting my time and attention.


One comment on “Almost… but not quite !!

  1. Julie says:

    Wow! Now that’s a yarden! Nice tidying for the full impact of the beautiful plants. Well done, Lorraine.

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