Tarp shelter remodel…

…prior to Winter weather!!

Granted, we still have temperatures in the nineties, with humidity, but “we” (three) tackled the remodel in mid-October. (And I need to grab the handymen while they are available!!) I have forty-three pictures of the day’s activities and will post them as “thumbnail.” You can click each picture to enlarge for greater detail. ~~ Before Jim and Roger arrived, I moved planters, etc., on the West side, and raked pine needles, and cones, on the East Side. Volumes of garden stuff removed from inside shelter. ~~ Why so many pictures? Because Lorraine thinks the process was interesting. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Before planters were moved

Removed planters on west side

Clutter behind trailer


Pine needles raked and bagged

Land fill for David


A peek inside (1)

A peek inside (2)

A peek inside (3)

Jim and Roger arrive

Removing bungee and tie-downs

Getting ready to remove tarp

Getting ready to remove tarp (2)

Removing tarp

Tarp is off

Cutting pipe extention

Cutting pipe supports

Additional support


Reinforcement (2)

Foam across the top

Foam on top

Up goes one of four

Panel two of four

Two panels in place

Close-up of insulation panels

Panel three and four

Folding old tarp

New tarp still in package

Ready to install new tarp

Beginning to install tarp

Installing tarp (2)

Maneuvering tarp

Bottom tucked and weighted

Jim ready to toss tie-down over roof

Ready to cinch down

Roger making neat corners



Below: Two pictures before the remodel. Hopefully, that will never happen again.

Bailing water in April 2016

Gallons of water standing on tarp in May 2016

Four panels view from inside

Finished project East side view

Northwest view

All that clutter

Almost one year anniversary


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