Variety is the spice of life ?!

variety-is-the-spice-of-lifeAn out-of-ordinary day!! It’s four o’clock as I reflect on the activities. Psychologically, I recognize that I’m “feeling” much better because of the diversion.


(1) A former CARE resident contacted me last week and suggested we go out for lunch. I countered with the suggestion she (and her husband) join us for lunch in the dining room. “No, select a Livingston restaurant ….” They arrived about 10:30 and visited with many of their former neighbors.

(2)  For me, it was a BIG treat to eat (for the first time) at Joe’s Italian. Attractive atmosphere, awesome food, excellent companionship, entertaining conversation.

(3) Back at CARE, my friends wanted to check my “yarden”–and see the watermelon vine.

(4)  Furthermore, my friends wanted to catch up on activities, and residents. We visited the recently added resident social center labeled “The Saloon.”

lorraine-and-earl(5) Then I was introduced to Geocashing.” One is located on the CARE/Escapee property. Who knew?? It has been there for years because the notebook records (friends) MJ&ES visited the site in 2013. ~~ The popular new 2016 game (with smart phones) is Pokémon GO. Perhaps “Geocashing” is passé?

“Learn something new every day.”

2 comments on “Variety is the spice of life ?!

  1. Deb says:

    Kids like the Pokemon stuff, but I know several adults who geocache. I want to try Letterboxing, which is similar, but uses logbooks you stamp.

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