There goes a piece of my heart–one year later

There goes a piece of my heart.

Remember the old saying (?):

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride;

If wishes were fishes, we’d have some fried.

I wish I still owned my beloved T@B teardrop trailer; I wish I could travel for months on end (as I did in 2010). But I decided it wouldn’t be practical for this old lady to be on-the-road. I won’t document the negative*. So I spend every possible hour in my “yarden.”

Yes, I was out the door before six o’clock. I gave all the plants a sprinkle of Epsoma Organic Blood Meal (“provides nitrogen for flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs”). A mark down, half-price, so it obviously found its way into my shopping cart (LOL**). Pulled some weeds, replenished bird feeders, yada, yada. ~~ I photographed the Bottle Tree box but will not set it up until October or November. (I have a Bottle Tree blog message “under construction” documenting the purchase and acquisition of decorative bottles.)

Smiley face sweating (2)This morning, I was perspiring profusely before eight o’clock. But I persevered!! Forced indoors prior to ten. ~~ Okay, okay, have patience: In my memory, I thought my T@Bs “departure day” was “7/7” but it appears it was 7/8.


Temperature at eleven

TV weather at eleven

*(Single woman, old car, you understand.)

LOL with smiley face**A TV commentator recently said “LOL” stands for “Little Old Lady”–not “Laughing Out Loud.”


Temperature at five PM

Television weather (2)

Television weather (1)

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