No, no, I won’t go !!

Weather station at six AM

Temperature at nine-thirty


This morning at six AMWould you agree that three hours is a respectable length of time to work in my “yarden” (my coined word)?? I thoroughly watered all the plants. I’m surprised how fast they dry out (because I’m faithfully caring for them). ~~ The “sensor” was returned to the tarp shelter, display back inside my trailer home. Little thermometer-clock (likewise) back inside my trailer home. Large thermometer is hanging on its hook on the wall of the storage building. ~~ Bird feeder was filled, a few weeds were pulled, and “dead heads” were removed from Butterfly Bush (the only flowering plant with blooms).

Humidity Sweating all over my blog“No, no, I won’t go” outdoors in this heat and humidity!! I’m content to sit at my computer sweating over several blog messages. For lunch, I’ll enjoy fresh-picked salad greens, and homegrown tomatoes and cucumber.

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