Dave’s Garden

In North Carolina, I had a plant I could not identify. I submitted my request to Dave’s Garden and promptly received an answer. Today, at 10:15 AM, I submitted my second request (years later). I’m eager for an answer.  ~~ A neighbor lady gave me clippings and identified it as “Money Moss.” I’ve done a thorough Internet search and cannot find a plant by that name. ~~ I’m “growing” the plants–in shallow containers–for sale in our Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. It is my hope that I can attach details about the plant with the cute story. The neighbor said the plant is not sold at nurseries, Lowe’s or Home Depot; it is shared one-by-one through the clippings. “Money Moss” doesn’t guarantee we’ll have lots of money but it suggests we will never be destitute.

Dish with unknown plant

Close up

Money Moss parent plants


Third picture, “parent plants.”


Here’s the link to my question on Dave’s Garden. It may be available for a brief time. My apology if you click and get an error message.


Moved Money Moss into sunshinePostscript (addendum): Here’s a web link to an article regarding SedumA dear friend found and sent it!! THANKS!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other blog messages, I have commented that Google, and other search engines, regularly troll my email and blog messages. Today, Saturday, April 9, 2016, I received an email message from Amazon with Sedum seeds for sale. I find their description, and pictures, very interesting. I’ll be looking for those changes in my plants. 


First Sedum bloomThe first bloom on the plants.

Friday, April 22, 2016.

2 comments on “Dave’s Garden

  1. Julie says:


    I have purchased the plant at various nurseries and in several sedum plantings. It is common and easy to grow; the entire plant is often covered in blooms at blooming time. I first saw this plant in one of my grandmother’s planters. Do you know what color the bloom is on your plants?

  2. Julie, the plant is a mystery to me. I’m trying to identify it specifically. I’ve only had the cuttings since December. They are still very small. I have no indication of blooms. I guess this is a “wait and see.” For one thing, I’ll put some of the plants out in the sunshine to see how they respond. ~~ I appreciate all the helpful answers!!

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