Nursery(wo)man !!

Plants in the basement may bloom

Four new planters

Getting ready to transplant

My Kalanchoe

This morning I transplanted Kalanchoe. The plants came out of  “the basement” and four individuals went into four new (used) planters from the Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. I’ve committed to supplying plants and one dear friend alerted me to the fact that four nice planters had been donated. I took my blooming plant as a demonstration but unable to carry it home along with the four acquired planters. When I returned an hour later, my plant had a $7.50 price tag on it. Such an insult to think that a blooming plant–in a beautiful ceramic planter–has so little value (in their eyes)!!

Sunny workspace

Four new transplants

Drilling holes in shallow dishes

Ready to transplant Money Moss

Two shallow planters with Money Moss

Ready for sale

Temperature at twelve-thirty-eight

Sunbathing plantsMy plan: On nice days, I’ll put the plants out for sunshine. Hopefully, beautiful blooms on the Kalanchoe when I take them, for sale, at Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. ~~ “Money Moss” en route, also, to T ‘n G.

IMG_6561Honestly, I spent the entire day on this project!! Afternoon, I wanted to print details–from the Internet–about Kalanchoe. The printer was obstinate!! At least two hours spent… and I’m empty-handed!! 😦  (Instructions for buyers of the plants/planters.)


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