Plant identification


Unknown weedI’m “on a roll”; I have a “one track mind.” This plant is growing in my neighbor’s yard. Nobody seems to know the name. So I posted this picture (left) on Dave’s Garden and had an answer four seconds later. Really, four seconds later. It was identified as Brassica. Frankly, I don’t know–but see the resemblance. After reading the description on Wikipedia, I took my camera for “a closer look.”


Brassica rapa maybe (leaves)

Brassica rapa maybe (flower)


Specifically, this may be Brassica rapa.

Description: This plant is an annual or biennial about 1-3′ tall. Small plants are branched sparingly, while large plants branch abundantly in the upper half. The stems are gray-green or gray-blue, terete, glabrous, and glaucous. Plants that begin growth during the fall will overwinter as low rosettes with basal leaves, while plants that begin growth during the spring bolt upward almost immediately. Both the basal and lower leaves are up to 10″ long and 2″ across, but they are usually smaller….

Here’s the link to my question on Dave’s Garden. It may only be available for a limited time?!

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