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Mosquito plant bloomOn March 17th, I discovered a bloom on the Mosquito plant. I get so-o-o-o excited when plants start to bloom!! Especially, this plant because the first time in two years. Maybe I finally have it in the ideal location? I have two plants next to my rain barrels in an effort to deter (what else?) mosquitoes. (Before long, marigolds near rain barrels, too.) ~~ Two rain barrels at corner of patioRead an earlier blog about my rain barrels. (Older picture [on the left] because new image would be unattractive due to clutter and sagging awning.)


March 19th: So pretty, so delicate.

Mosquito plant bloom

Mosquito plant bloom (close up)


April 10th: So pretty, so many.

Mosquito plant many blooms

Yo-yo weather !!

Temperature at ten-tenBurr cold ladyToday, I planned to shop Lowe’s, and the grocery store. Instead, I turned on the heater and decided I’d stay home (and work on indoor projects). This past week, the nights were so pleasant, I had the door open all night. Conflicting weather reports: I’ve heard “in the forties” tonight but a neighbor said “thirty-two.” I’ll be watching the TV news and may have to cover a lot of plants!!

Changing the subject: Because I’m the “P.P.” (plant person), a friend stopped by at 10:30 with a bedraggled Christmas Cactus (needs TLC) and Styrofoam “peanuts” (for the bottom of planters). I’ve been blessed with hundreds of plastic prescription and  supplement containers (pebbles for planters) and appreciate friends, and neighbors, contribution to my gardening projects!! Frequently, I’m asked “Do you still need containers?” and I answer “yes.”

Check this: Interesting reading.

Yoyo with face

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Checking the Internet for information.

This Afternoon
Mostly sunny, with a high near 64. North wind around 15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.
Mostly clear, with a low around 41. North wind 5 to 10 mph.
Sunny, with a high near 64. North wind 5 to 15 mph.
Sunday Night
Clear, with a low around 35. North wind 5 to 10 mph becoming light after midnight.

Insignificant banter

The camera was neglected most of the day. These were “after thoughts.” A much cooler day than previous several days–but still very nice. I planted seeds–and pulled weeds. My wonderful, helpful handyman, David, worked on a few of my projects after he completed a job for CARE. Weather permitting, David will be back tomorrow.

Nasturtiums planted in planter near street

Tomato seeds planted

Temperature at twelve noon

Hen and Chicks are blooming

Temperature at two

Temperature at three

Gold Nugget Mini Tomato seeds

Rope to support tarp

Repaired leaks

New handle

Do it myself !!

So much to do!! Two more caster planters prepared–for tomatoes. No expense; I had everything needed. ~~ “Yes,” I still have pain in my neck and shoulders but “so much to do,” I can’t relax!!


Temperature at six AM

Door open all night

Caster dolly attached to planter

Caster dolly on planter

See the wire support?

Cow pots planters with soil in the bottom

Coconut fiber and organic soil

Ready for a tomato plant


Below: The burlap bag (with plastic lining) was a failure last year. Tomato plant suffered and died!! Perhaps the plant didn’t get enough sunshine AND bag was too heavy for me to move. Nothing fancy… but worth a second try!?


Temperature at four-ten

Repaired handle

For drainage, holes drilled in caster dolly

Styrofoam in bottom Organic soil

Caster family is growing

Temperature at six

Smiley face two thumbs up

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Follow my yard work by clicking on Busy productive day in the garden.

Blessed BIG Bold Beautiful day !!

Young man with strength and energy

Removing dirt (1)

Removing dirt (2)

Removing dirt (3)

Temperature at nine

Removing dirt (4)

Removing dirt (5)

Off with coat, cap and pants

Adding rock

Bags of dirt for David's land fill


Directly above: Digging out an area for a new cement pad. It seemed effortless for this teenager. ~~ Below: A second project; four large, heavy cement blocks enlarging the area between back of trailer and storage building.

Second project

Four, of five, blocks in place


Temperature at twelve-thirtyBelow: Cement blocks identical to those I laid for my patio. Shifting them around to get them level and adjacent to next block, I probably hoisted about four hundred pounds!!


My helper disappeared

Two down

Temperature at one

The chest will be relocated

Three blocks needed

Five blocks down

Temperature at two

Bleaching ugly stains


Temperature at fiveLate in the day pictures. The Houston TV meteorologist said we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer!!

Square dancingToo tired to go square dancing tonight!!


Late afternoon sunshine on blocks with weights

Weights removed later

Ready for concrete

Sleep deprived !!

The media is using “daylight savings time” to talk about circadian rhythms. Personally, I went back to bed because my body said “6:30” when the clock said “7:30.” And you?? Did you adapt to the time change??

Psychology Today offers a lot of information about circadian rhythms.

On my blog Casual Approach Rejected Entirely, I wrote about my sleep problems and perhaps it bears repeating!?

Lavender is touted as a sleep remedy. Personally, I sprinkle a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil at the top of my sheet each night when I go to bed. Frankly, I don’t know if it helps because I also drink Chamomile with Lavender tea an hour before retiring. (Next purchase: Nighty Night or Nighty Night Valerian?) Furthermore, I wear a Philip Stein sleep bracelet. Honestly, I do not get a good night’s sleep and desperately try various remedies. Oh yes, I use Melatonin (from the health food store “free of gluten, wheat, daily, soy, corn, preservatives, artificial colors, and most common allergens”). ~~ Brain is busySomeone might say I have too much on my mind?! I’m always thinking about my garden and/or preparing blog messages!! Believe me, I’m not a hypochondriac; I don’t have a list of ailments. I just don’t get a good night’s sleep!! I’ve been practicing health and nutrition for almost forty years; I’m selective of the products I use. (Example: Heirloom seeds for my veggie garden.) 😉

CounterbalancePreparing blog messages is a counterbalance to strenuous work in the garden. I couldn’t resist the temptation to address daylight savings time. (LOL) The above quote comes from a blog message (under construction) about lavender. I ordered lavender seeds yesterday (and dandelion seeds. Yes, I’m planning to plant both–and ginger root).

Sunshine, glorious sunshine !!

Smiley face sunshineEleven forty-five and I’m here to report that I’ve been in the garden all morning!! Overcast, with weak sunshine from time to time. The Houston TV meteorologist’ report a “nice weekend.” Gratefully, we have been spared the flooding, and destruction, in communities all over the South. 

Garden Tower, and other plants and planters, were moved from protection under the awning to the openness of the sidewalk from the street to my trailer home. They will get some much-needed sunshine.

Smiley face two thumbs upJust thought Thom–and others–would like to know.