Reorganized garden ?!

IMG_1247Let me explain. The garden “grew” without an original plan. The major definition was purchase and location of two rain barrels. In the early months of my residency, I collected water in dish pans, etc., etc. When FedEx delivered the rain barrels, I (obviously) put them under the corner of the awning that channels rain water. In picture one, note the low “arm” support. I’ve hung that bright orange vest to alert my visitors. (Yes, visitors have bumped their head!!) My friend and handy-man, David, wants to position the “arm” perpendicular BUT the rain barrels prevent that. My current challenge: Empty the rain barrels and temporarily shift them out-of-the-way. The answer: 1) Drop both “arms” (and secure them), 2) “dip” the awning at the other end, and then 3) appropriately position the rain barrels. In picture two, see where I removed several large planters in preparation for the rain barrels. Hey, this is a major undertaking!! At least four more cement (patio) blocks at the far end… and eventual “re-do” of blocks where the barrels currently sit. Finally, decide where to relocate the planters (nine are victims of this shuffle).

Don't bump your head

Work in progress

One comment on “Reorganized garden ?!

  1. Deb says:

    Pool noodles from Dollar Tree are great for places on RV’s like those awning arms …

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